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Substitute Bus Driver Positions Available
Substitute Bus Driver Positions Available
Cafeteria Substitue Positions - Preble Shawnee MS/HS
2022 Preble County Student Art Exhibit Winners
PSMS art students in grades 6 and 8 had the opportunity to submit artwork to the 2022 Preble County Student Art Exhibit in April. 35 pieces of arrow artwork  were submitted to the exhibit and 11 of those pieces were recognized with awards! The awards and student artists were as follows:

Sallie Montgomery- 1st place for Mixed Media and 1st place for color drawing
Zoey Rose- 2nd place for painting 
Cassi Lykins- 2nd place for Mixed Media
Angel Harris- 2nd place for prints
Nora Feck- 3rd place for painting
Connor Young- 3rd place for prints
Cooper Shrout- Honorable Mention for color drawing
Kiyah Frazier- Honorable Mention for color drawing
Maddy Cornett- Honorable Mention for color drawing
Rylee Taylor- Honorable Mention for mixed media


Congratulations to Sara Monath and our Choir students for their participation in the Trills and Thrills Music Festival. The students earned a Superior Rating!!
Support the Preble Shawnee Football Team - Golf Scramble

Preschool Registration for the 22/23 school year
Kindergarten Registration
We are enrolling kindergarten students for the 2022-2023 school year. 

To start registration you will need to go to the following link: Here it will explain how to start the registration on-line as well as the documents you will need for your registration appointment. Please fill out the registration information as soon as possible in order to be able to get your appointment made. If you need further assistance, please call Sandy Taulbee at (937) 452-1204 ext. 2013 or email [email protected].
CAYCI Student Survey Questions
If you would like to view the questions click the following links.



May 27th Graduation

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