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2019 SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM June 3rd – June 28 8am – Noon
Preble Shawnee High School is offering a four week summer school class to help credit deficient students stay on track for graduation. Half and full credit classes are offered under the supervision of a certified instructor. The application contains a list of all course offerings.

The state of Ohio requires all students to pass four full credits of English and Math to earn a high school diploma. During four years of high school failing any semester of an English or Math class will result in students getting behind. Without some type of credit recover, like summer school, it becomes difficult for students to stay on track. Additionally, students must complete three years of Social Studies and Science during their four years of high school. While there are other requirements for graduation, it’s in these four areas the majority of students become credit deficient.

The downloadable form has a detailed explanation on how to register. After reading over the material contact one of the guidance counselors with questions at 787- 3541 ext. 2007 (Mr. Godfrey) or ext. 2008 (Mrs. Stevenson). You can also contact the principal Mrs. Whitis or the assistant principal Mr. Ellis at 787-3541. A hard copy of the application is also available in the guidance or downstairs unit office.


Click Here for the Application form 

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