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  • 124 Bloomfield St
    Camden, Ohio 45311
  • P 937.452.1283
    F: 937. 452.3926
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#19 CTC

#19 CTC

Leaves HS at 7:05
Arrives at HS at 3:15 pm
Buses are provided for students to ride home in the afternoon. They are taken from HS to West Elkton Elementary and will ride on the elementary bus that goes to their home.
CTC bus takes Camden students back to Camden in the afternoon.
CTC bus makes a stop at Gratis BP in the morning and afternoon.
On the days that Preble Shawnee does not have school and the CTC does, the CTC bus will pick up students in Camden at 6:30 am leaving at 6:40 am. Coming back to HS leaving at 7:05
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